My name is Brooke, and I like making cool stuff.
For example:

Save the Saola

I designed a logo, business card, letterhead, envelope, and poster for the Saola Salvage, a fictional organization aimed at bringing the Saola, or the Asian Unicorn, back from the brink of extinction.

Desiderata Lamp

I created this lamp as a Christmas gift for my mom featuring the poem Desiderata. I used a slab serif font to connect all of the letters and create walls. Then I installed a light and swag chain to complete the piece.

Zoo's Kitty Site

This website features prototyping with Bootstrap, a CSS framework. It is fully responsive and looks good on any device, and it is a neat layout for an e-commerce website.

Charlie Land

The Cupcake Club had a painting social at Pinot's Palette here in College Station. we all painted a picture of three cupcakes, but we could freestyle it if we wanted to. The words "Charlie Land" named after my baby niece, popped into my head, and I just went with it. I gave her this painting as a late birthday present. Isn't it cool going from a blank canvas to a beautiful work of art?

Miss Rev

My rendition of Miss Reveille Ma'am, the Texas Aggie mascot! This is also my first attempt at fur.

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